morbid_curious's Journal

Morbid Curiosity
17 April 1978
[Note: If you add this person as a friend, please drop him a note to say hi, at the very least. He's curious as to who reads this regularly.]

The individual who writes in this journal is geek of many colours. He enjoys playing with a variety of languages, different computer-related sundries, and spends a little too much time roleplaying (which, for the uninitiated, is something akin to a cross between playing a board game and collaborative storytelling/acting). His sense of humour can also be what one might call "off-beat", or "twisted", or some other similar appellation (no, not the kind of pony) given to those who can find humour in warping language to their own ends, and have a seemingly inexhaustible number of obscure quotes and references. You have been warned.

He is Agnostic, meaning that while he doesn't believe in any gods, he isn't particularly ready to rule them out, either. Some might see this as a fence-sitting position; perhaps they're right. He prefers to think of it as "pending further evidence towards any conclusion". It is probably little wonder, then, that he finds the various stories that humans tell themselves and each other about the world quite fascinating.

Warning: This man was raised by an English teacher, and can sometimes get somewhat frustrated around people who have trouble communicating with any clarity. He also frustrates himself on a semi-regular basis by introspection about concepts that he finds difficult to communicate clearly. Such are the perils of growing up. He will endeavour not to angst at you too much though, gentle readers :-)

He is currently writing to you in the third person, because it seemed like a good idea at the time. If this description isn't enough to make you rankle with disgust or pale with abject terror, then read on...

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