Morbid Curiosity (morbid_curious) wrote,
Morbid Curiosity


"Alright then, sir, here's your choice: you can have the crap on a stick, or the crap sandwich."

"Ugh. Neither of those sounds appealing."

"Well, those are your choices, sir."

"But I don't like them! I don't want to eat this crap!"

"You haven't made a choice though, sir! You can't complain if you don't even choose one, sir!"

"Are you sure you don't have something else? Anything else? Anything at all?"

"Well, sir. If you really want you can ask for the crappatouille, sir. But hardly anyone else chooses that - we don't even keep it in stock, sir."

"So no matter what I choose, you're going to give me crap? This is bullshit!"

"Yes sir. It is bullshit, sir. But unless you choose what kind of bullshit you want, you can't exactly complain about what you get, now can you, sir? We've all got to make our own choice, sir! How else would we fairly decide just which crap to feed you, sir!"

This post brought to you by the phrase: "If you don't vote, then you can't complain!"
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