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Gods of the Internet

So, my friend Caitlin posted a few of these over on the Book of Face. And then I posted a few more. And eventually we had a fair number of them :-) Here for posterity and without further ado, some of the internet gods:

Emohtep: god of morose status updates and posting youtube clips of indie bands

Lagzarus: god of slow internet connections and frozen browsers

CtHulu: god of video clips that aren't available in your region

LOdin: god of "Your page will load in 5...4...3...2...1..."

Anoobis: patron saint of first timers in video games

Hefightsus: master of the flamewar and forging sockpuppets (but still lame)

H4xi|op0ch+li: god of zero-day warez

CodeNaN: barbarian demigod of confusing error messages (he likes to crush programs, see them test-driven before him, and listen to the lamentations of their users)

Quetzalcoaxial: god of tangled cables and upsidedown USB ports

C:RunOS: guardian of the ancient ways, and leader of the Wildcard Hunt

Memeir: God of overused internet memes
The Well of Memeir remembers, long after the internet has passed them by. For there is a place where hamsters and babies always dance, where we always get signal, where it is always peanut butter jelly time...
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